A Brief History of Money

G Edward Griffin presents a One Hundred Trillion Dollar bill from Zimbabwe (worth about $30 US) at his “Crash Course on Money” at Seattle, WA in 2009.

Simply put, money is the most readily accepted medium of exchange. It is a warehouse of value constitutes one half of every economic transaction.  It is also a means by which we can measure the performance in the marketplace or the health of a nation’s production and consumption in the economy. Money in a free market is also a certificate of accomplishment for meeting the demands within a society. When it is obtained by fraud, force, coercion, it is an indicator of something far more sinister. There have historically been four kinds of money: Commodity, Receipt, Fractional Reserve, and Fiat.

In this discussion with Benjamin Knight at “We The Vigilant” on the “Maverick Podcast”, we go through a brief history of money.

The Maverick Podcast #69: The History of Money and The Federal Reserve Scam

Major Topics Include:

  • What is Money?
  • The Barter System/ Salt and the Salary
  • Jesus & Money, a Biblical Perspective
  • The true source of physical Wealth on this Earth
  • Four types of money Commodity/ Receipt/ Fraction Reserve/ and Fiat
  • The King Clipping Coins & British Talley Sticks
  • The Byzantine Empire’s Stable Economy for 800 years
  • Why wars always cause a departure from Gold
  • Rothschild Meeting of 1773
  • Colonial Script & “Not worth a Continental”
  • Hamilton / Dollar / Coinage Act of 1792
  • Dollar vs pound & monetary controls
  • Hamilton & Washington/ Jefferson & Aaron Burr
  • Rothschild 1773 European Meeting
  • 1805: Rothschild Takes London
  • Constitutional Money Hamilton 10th Amend Washington
  • Article 1, Section 8, Clause 5 of the US Constitution
  • The Bank of North America and The Bank of the United States
  • Murray Rothbard and the Depression of 1819
  • How Andrew Jackson killed the Bank
  • Deflation in 19th Century
  • The Civil War and Greenbacks/  Lincoln & the Government Prerogative
  • The “Crime of 73”
  • Frank Baum & The Wizard of Oz
  • The Supreme Court 1874 Decision on a Central Bank
  • Insolvent Bank Runs
  • The Aldrich Plan vs the Federal Reserve Plan
  • The 1910 Conference at Jekyll Island
  • The Federal Reserve System
  • 1913: The Federal Reserve Act, 16th 17th Amendments, and World War 1
  • Century of Big Banking & Total Warfare Lew Rockwell
  • Fed Reserve Case for Boosting Aggregate Demand
  • John Maynard Keynes, Chicago, Socialists, Austrian
  • The Economists: Adam Smith, Ricardo, John Maynard Keynes, Thomas Malthus, Krugman, Ludwig von Mises, Fredrick Hayek, Murray Rothbard,  Henry Hazlitt, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Peter Shciff, Eustace Mullins, and G Edward Griffin
  • The Gold Standard & Barbarians
  • FDR Confiscates Gold in 1933
  • 1935: Federal Reserve Building and Supreme Court Building
  • 1944: The Bretton-Woods Agreement (Semi-Gold Standard / IMF/ World Bank
  • 1971: Nixon’s “Temporary Suspending” of the Gold Standard
  • The Stock Market Panic 1989
  • The “Boom & Bust” Business Cycle
  • Low Interest Rates vs Animal Spirits
  • 2008 TARP Bailouts
  • The Crash: Timothy Geithner (CFR) & Henry Paulson’s (CFR) Waiver for his Ethics
  • Shotgun Wedding Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • $19 Trillion Debt
  • Printing Money: Quantitative Easing / Targeted Investments/ Monetizing Debt
  • Federal Reserve Response to Trump with Interest Rates
  • Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen,  LeGarde, &  Strauss Kahn
  • The Great Works: Economics in One Lesson, Human Action, The Great Depression. End the Fed & Case for Gold, The Road to Serfdom, and Meltdown


The Maverick Podcast #69: The History of Money and The Federal Reserve Scam

If you want to dive deeper into what money is and how it works, here are some great resources:

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