Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John_Perkins_1John Perkins is a brave man.  After years of thoughtful consideration for the consequences, at great personal risk, he could not ignore his conscience any longer. In this bestselling autobiographical epic, Perkins reveals how the big game is really played. He should know, he was there; he made it happen.

From Indonesia to confessions-of-an-economic-hit-man2Ecuador, Panama to Iran, Economic Hit Men (EHM’s) are masters of the international shakedown for the Mega-Corporations and World Bank. Having fleeced nations for trillions of dollars worldwide through decades, this EHM tells all, from the  international to the personally intimate. The process and the players are exposed for those who dare to seek the truth. From bypassing congress in the Saudi Arabian money laundering affair in the 1970’s through the terrible attacks of 9/11, John Perkins delivers the goods from an insider perspective.

The Mission, the methods, the Interlocking organizations, the puppets, the masters, the secrets of manipulation, the villains, and the brutal repercussions for charismatic men of the people who could not be controlled are all laid out in Confessions of An Economic Hit Man.

Listen to the man who coined the phrase “Corporatocricy”

John Perkins on the Radio Show Earth.

Earth Live-2


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