Trans-Pacific POWER-GRAB

trans-pacific-partnership1The bounty is out on the greatest menace to all the liberties of human beings on planet Earth ever devised. Crowd-sourcing on the internet has enabled websites like Just Foreign Policy to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars through international donations to find out what’s really in the ultra-secretive Trans Pacific Partnership treaty (TPP).

Wikileaks, an internet activist group, has been given a task by concerned citizens of the world to leak the text of the most important trade deal in history, controlling over 40% of the global economy. Wikileaks Director Julian Assange has released three of the twenty nine known chapters. The first chapter is over 30,000 pages long. According to Assange, “Only five chapters deal with trade.”

Simply put. It would establish a new pillar of global unelected government run by corporations with impunity and in secret.

Members of Congress like Senator Wyden of Oregon or Representative Alan Grayson of Florida, who want to see the classified legislation, must submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, be escorted by armed guards to a locked room where they can read it one page at a time. They are forbidden to take notes or pictures and even discuss what they read. Most members of Congress have not even read this abridged version.

While thousands of people have worked on this deal for over fifteen years, especially during the last three years, only 600 elite individuals may have full access. About 500 of these individuals are corporate lobbyists for multinational corporations (Nimmo 2013).

The worldwide efforts of the people to find the details is incrementally paying off. The results are in and there has been quite an alarm generated in the online community.

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Here’s what we know after only 3 of the 29 chapters were leaked

  • Three Strikes and your web page is deleted and you’re off the Internet Rule
  • Intellectual Property is not yours if you use a third party service (Youtube/ Vimeo)
  • Criminalization of Unauthorized Downloads
  • IP address monitors and reports your every move
  • Incorporates all the legislative sections rejected for PIPA, CISPA, SOPA, and ACTA
  • Proprietary computer software in cars gives your vehicle ownership to manufacturer
  • Corporations can ignore the laws of all nations if they interfere with profits
  • Corporations can amend the agreement as they go forever
  • No Congressional or legislative oversight worldwide
  • Multinational Corporations can sue governments services for expected future loses through the Extrajudicial Non-elected Investor State Tribunals
  • Biotech giants like Monsanto can impose economic sanctions on nations or entire continents that ban any of their products like Europe has done to GMO’s
  • Expansion of environmental global carbon taxes on smaller corporations
  • Registered Owners can not perform maintenance on their vehicle
  • Seizes control over vitamins and minerals
  • Fixes the price of medicines
  • Extending Patents and Copyrights to Pharmaceuticals ensuring monopoly prices and  preventing poor people from receiving generic brands
  • Bans cash worldwide in favor of global cashless society
  • Massive worldwide sweeping gun legislation
  • Regulates personal income and minimum wage
  • Establishes and regulates new surveillance systems
  • Tracking and taxing people per mile of driving
  • Negotiated in secret by 600 people
  • 500 are corporate lobbyists. None work for Congress
  • Fast Track means no debate
  • 30,000 pages
  • 29 Chapters, Only 5 deal with trade
  • Only 3 Chapters are known because they were leaked
  • Congress must fill out a FOIA request to see it
  • If approved, they are escorted to a locked room
  • Only one page at a time, no notes, no pictures
  • Classified, Congress may not discuss it
  • Even though the world sees it, Congress is forbidden to read the leaked information
  • Fast Track gives the president unlimited power to negotiate and amend in secret
  • Secret Amendment Powers for the president and corporations are indefinite, even after the treaty is signed
  • No debate is authorized for even an abridged version
  • Controls 40% of the World Economy and we are not allowed to see it
  • Establishes the framework for the Asian Union to be merged with EU, NAU, and Africa
  • Establishes a global government run by Corporations!
  • Oh yes, and it will also kill jobs in America and outsource others

The Republican Senate joined a minority of Democrats to give “Fast Track” authorization to Obama to negotiate the TPP without their knowledge. Rep. Grayson referred to the provisions as “Massive giveaways of our sovereignty and massive undermining of our middle class” (Nimmo 2013).

No transparency. No congressional oversight. Changing the rules after codification is the antithesis of the rule of law.Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky attacked President Obama and demanded the TPP text be released so that it can be debated (Shabad 2015).

The House has just voted it down. That is good news for now; however, the battle is not over and they will be back for blood. They may try to slip it through under the radar on a weekend when most of Congress is not looking. Most Democrats opposed this “deal” under the pretense that it is a bad for America because it will outsource American jobs beyond the consequences of past treaties they supported during the Clinton administration like NAFTA and GATT.

Speaker of the House John Boehner, a Republican, was with the Obama on this one, pushing for Fast Track authority. Unlike Boehner’s predecessor, Nancy Pelosi, who spoke concerning health care bill, “We need to vote on the bill so that we can see what’s in it,” Senator Rand Paul stated “I believe we should be able to read the legislation before vote on it”

Three of the Twenty Seven grievances against King George III of England in the Declaration of Independence were:

1) No taxation without representation. We all should know that one from elementary school.

2) He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended legislation.

3) He has erected a multitude of offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass the people and eat out their substance.

With twenty six chapters still concealed, what other alarming and devastating surprises await?
The internet can be used to empower humanity or enslave it. With the ramrodding of the TPP, the Bilderberg meeting, and Operation Jade Helm, this summer will be interesting. When the Constitution is eviscerated, what kind of society will be built on the ashes? The internet is not only affecting new laws, it’s altering how policymakers are held accountable in the public eye, web users are shifting geopolitical paradigms in the tectonic struggles of the human species.

Amendment Avenger salutes for being at the tip of the spear in the battle to expose and defeat this elephant in the battlefield and killing this threat to freedom everywhere. The Republic and the planet was almost ruthlessly gang-raped for what Economic Hit Man John Perkins calls the “Corporatocricy.” They would have eviscerated most of what is left of America on the alter of globalism. This was close. If you’re not on high alert, your not paying attention. The lobbyists have gone way too far this time.

Good work America. Give Thanks. God has literally granted  us a temporary reprieve. What do we do with it in our personal lives and how do we hold these criminals accountable?

The battle rages on.


Wikileaks has released all the chapters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership:



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